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It Was a Stormy Sunny Day
Puppet Quintet
Everything I Have
Too Much for Me
Big Words Small Man
Everything That Converges Must Divide
When the Eels Come Spilling Out

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Driven by rhythm, Airplane Novel contacted air control for a musical score. This podcast features that score, along with the excerpts that inspired each track. Airplane Novel's departure date: July 15, 2011. Watch the preview video featuring Cary Grant here, then take off to the Raw Dog Screaming Press Airplane Novel skies. See the official site for more info and media. Pre-Order: Click here.

Track List

1. Prelude

2. Construction

3. March of the Spider Monkeys

4. Climbing the Narrative Arc

5. Broken Radio Signals

6. Fear and Nonchalance

7. Climax

8. Smoking in the Aftermath

9. News Flashes

10. Night

11. Eternal Recurrence

Instrumentation by TothMusik

with special guests

Pascal-Denis Lussier on piano and guitar (Construction)

Pat Gannon: Trumpet (Climax)

Pat Gannon (Track 7)

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TothMusik warmly welcomes this collaboration with trumpet player extraordinaire Pat Gannon. born in New Jersey in December of 1949. Pat grew up in a household that was graced with his Dad's occasional trumpet playing. He has treasured that gift of inspiration ever since, even though the horn is a very moody mistress. He was eventually relieved to find that not only was he a citizen of the planet but of the Cosmos (Oh Glory!) and that music will take you anywhere and everywhere, but that it can be a lonely trip for one's ears only. At this time Pat has a wonderful, supportive wife (Margaret) and a wonderful, naturally rebellious 13 year old son (Daniel) who says he dislikes the trumpet although he plays it in his school band. The future is more opportunity to try and "keep the chops up" and stay afloat on the sonic seas. As Pat says, "I work to eat, but I play music to breathe."

Song List:

  • Cryptic Superhero
  • Picking Pockets
  • Past Hypothesis in J Minor
  • Midday
  • Show Me Out State
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  • One of Those Days
  • Moonlit Bass 
  • Meth Run
  • Live Long Blues
  • Break Your Money Shaker
  • Potions and Concoctions
  • Slap Happy Joe
  • Sex Machine
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Introducing my new band: Dzsesszzenekar.

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